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Stories of Finding Purpose

Stories like this give us hope.

When we leave combat, our purpose ends. That was my job. That was the most important thing I’ve ever done—doing what my country needed me to do. When you come back, you don’t have that purpose. You feel lost. You feel empty. You feel hollow. You turn to self-destructive behavior, drugs, alcohol, suicidal thoughts.

There is a reason and a purpose you're still alive.

Having something that you can do helps. For me, you wouldn’t believe how well plow handles fit your hands after a machine gun does. The ability to grow and nurture something—you don't know how much good that can do for your soul until you try it.


You may feel like you’re lost. You’re still here for a reason. There is a reason and a purpose you’re still alive.

—Dewayne, Hero Agriculture Veteran

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