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Kennesaw State Students Partners with Hero AG

KSU students & faculty come together to help make a positive impact for veterans.

On Nov 11, 2021, Mike Reynolds met with a group of Kennesaw State University students from the Coles Scholar's Program (The program focusses on developing strong leadership skills in high-achieving business students). Together, they aim to help Mike continue his dream of providing a way to aid veterans as they readjust to civilian life.

These students have been providing their assistance to Hero Ag since spring of 2020. During this time, the students have helped develop business plans including launching a website, creating social media pages, printing promotional flyers, and more. Most recently, the students came together to organize an open house event at Mike Reynold's 82-acre farm.

Planning this event allowed the students to put their business knowledge to the test as they got to work directly with a client. These students worked tirelessly to promote the event and invite potential donors, fellow veterans, local students, community members, and more.

The open house was an absolute hit. Mike was able to share his goals for Hero Ag as well as connect with veterans who shared their stories to the crowd of attendees.

The Coles Scholars plan to continue developing their relationship with Hero Ag and look forward to watching the non-profit grow.

—Hero Ag Team

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