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Farming for


We use farming to help veterans find hope, heal, and build purposeful lives that make tomorrow worth living.

Why Our Work Matters

Veterans are over 50% more likely to die by suicide than other adults, and the risk for rural veterans is 20% greater.

Unlike so many problems, this one can be solved.

Veteran suicide

is preventable.

Veteran farmer holding calf

Our Work


We help veterans do meaningful work and find new purpose in life after military service.


We help Hero Agriculture veterans solve problems and meet basic needs.


We get help for veterans who are facing suicide and support their families.

Hero Agriculture Founder Mike Reynolds holding calf

        I was not meant to be a farmer. I suppose I am someone who was once a paramedic and a soldier who now farms. Every morning I wake up and face the reality that I am no longer a medic or a soldier. Because of my injuries from Iraq, that is not an option.

        Five years after I was injured in Iraq and the Army determined me unfit for duty, I went on a quest to become something, anything. My goal was simply to make it to tomorrow, sober, not in a prescription drug fog, and alive. It was then that farming found me.

        Since that day, each day, farming saves my life.

—MSG (Ret.) Mike Reynolds, Hero Agriculture Founder & Chief Farming Officer

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Sustain our mission.


Help heroes thrive.

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Build a tomorrow you love.

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