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Making a Difference

Hero Agriculture is on a mission to end veteran suicide by helping veterans find hope, heal, and build purposeful lives. We have worked with over 100 veterans in the past two years. Here are some of their stories.

Hero Agriculture farm visitor surrounded by friendly goats

One Veteran's Story of
Finding Hope

A young wife pulls up in the driveway and tells her husband to get out of the truck. “I hear you help veterans,” she says to Mike.

Doc's Story of
Paying It Forward

He was struggling to transition back to civilian life when he discovered beekeeping and with it, new purpose.

Two young goats

A Marine Veteran's Story of

By the time he leaves the farm, he’s traded his Xbox for the two nanny goats Mike just bought.

One Veteran's Story of
Learning to Reach Out

Mike’s phone vibrates at 1:30 a.m. The text is simple: “You up?”

Two horses touching nose-to-nose on Hero Agriculture farm
Field of freshly mown hay at Hero Agriculture farm

Our Story of
Losing a Hero

Tim and Mike have been trading farming knowledge for several months when Tim texts: “I dissolved my business last night.” It’s 4:45 a.m.

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