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Hero Agriculture Application

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Hero Agriculture Application

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Demographic Information

How would you describe yourself?

Military Service

Type of Discharge
Did you serve in any of the following:

Farming Aspirations

Are you currently farming?

Emergency Information

Veteran Status Verification

To help Hero Agriculture verify your veteran status, please submit the most recent copy of one or more of the documents below.

  *** Please cover your Social Security number and other sensitive information. ***

Discharged or Retired

  • DD214 showing discharge status

  • NGB 22 (National Guard)

  • DD256 (Reserves)

  • Discharge or Retirement Orders/Certificate (Reserves)

Active Duty

  • VA Benefits Summary Letter including dates of service and character of discharge

  • MEB/PEB Narrative Summary

  • Current Unit Orders to a WTU/WTB as a patient (not cadre)

  • Line of Duty (LOD) form with memo

  • Service/Personnel Record (e.g., ERB, ORB, BIR, SURF, EPR) dated within the past 90 days



Files can be pdfs or images (e.g., jpeg, png, heic, gif).

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