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Veteran Support Program

Hero Agriculture's Veteran Support Program helps veterans overcome barriers to building a life with new purpose.

Access Medical Care

Rules for accessing VA medical care are complex, and many veterans have more options than they realize. We accompany veterans to high-stakes medical appointments, send appointment reminders, help veterans get referrals to no-cost hometown care instead of traveling to a VA facility, and connect them to specialized care providers such as the Shepherd Center SHARE Military Initiative traumatic brain injury rehabilitation program.

Hero Agriculture veteran farmer feeding cow from his hands
Hero Agriculture veteran farmer walking through mud with pitchfork

Advocate for VA Benefits

Navigating the VA system alone is hard. Doing it alone with a brain injury is practically impossible. We teach veterans how to access the VA benefits they are due and support them throughout the process. This includes helping them make and keep track of appointments, ask the right questions, take notes at appointments, and push back when benefits administrators are just looking for easy solutions.

Meet Basic Needs

Unmet basic needs like food or transportation increase suicide risk. The same is true for trouble at work, legal problems, family issues, or difficulty paying the mortgage or rent. Just one of these problems significantly increases the risk of suicide. As problems pile up, risk increases exponentially.

Our network of individuals and organizations helps veterans address basic needs. We don’t just refer veterans. We make calls on their behalf and personal introductions, help them make appointments and complete paperwork, and work to ensure follow through.

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