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Crisis Intervention Program

Hero Agriculture's Crisis Intervention Program provides emergency assistance to veterans in crisis and their families.

Suicide Crisis Intervention

Most people who are considering suicide signal their intent sometime in the weeks before their attempt.

Hero Agriculture follows QPR Gatekeeper protocols developed by the national suicide prevention organization QPR Institute. An abbreviation for Question, Persuade, Refer, QPR is a research-based emergency mental health intervention developed in 1995. Its goal is to identify and interrupt a suicide crisis and get the person the care they need.

QPR teaches us to lean into the other person’s pain, not away from it. As fellow veterans, we may even understand it. Research shows that asking someone if they are thinking of suicide brings relief, not distress. They are no longer bearing their pain alone. There is hope. Hope helps prevent suicide.

Hero Agriculture veteran farmer feeding calf by bottle as mama cow watches

Family Crisis Support

Veteran families need our support too. Exposure to a family member’s suicide increases your own risk for mental health concerns, addiction, and suicide.

When a veteran dies by suicide, we help with things like navigating VA survivor benefits, making memorial arrangements, and seeking counseling. But in our experience, what families value most is the stories we can share about their veteran and getting the opportunity to talk with others who have been through something similar.


For veterans who survive a suicide attempt, our primary goal is to support the veteran and their family in following the advice of their healthcare providers. We also work to help veterans and families find hope. Nine out of ten people who survive a suicide attempt will not go on to die by suicide.

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