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Stories of Hope

This is how healing begins.

A young wife pulls up in the driveway and tells her husband to get out of the truck.

“I hear you help veterans,” she says to Mike.

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Well, my husband’s a veteran. I’ve sent him here three times, and he’s had a hard time actually making it here, so I brought him this time.”

If he walks off, don't worry. I've got a tracker on his phone.

She’ll be back to pick him up by dark, she says. “If he walks off, don’t worry. I’ve got a tracker on his phone.” And off she drives.


The veteran says nothing until well after lunch.


Mike shows him the cows first. After a while, they move on to the chickens. Then to the alpaca. Then to the goats. On the way to the honeybees, Mike realizes he’s alone.

The goats have worked their magic again.

The goats have worked their magic again. Sure enough, the veteran is still with them.


“Think you could help me trim some goat hooves?” Mike asks.


This time he gets a reply.

Hero Agriculture farm visitor surrounded by friendly goats
Hero Agriculture veteran farmers helping goat
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